Frequently Asked Questions


This wise owl is here to help answer your most frequently asked questions.

Q: Did I hear something about contests?

A: Yes you did! We will have ongoing contests, including:

  • Month-long contests based around a creative monthly theme. We will announce winners in TWO groups, so you have twice the opportunities to win. Fourteen $50 shopping sprees to our Online Store will be given away each month! For full contest details, a handy calendar, and prize information, click HERE.
  • Monthly $100 Wish List “Shopping Sprees” for HeroClub members, chosen randomly from comments made on the blog during the month.
  • Winners drawn at random. Every once in a while we will randomly select people from the comments section to receive a collection of Hero Arts products. The more comments you leave, the greater your chances of winning.

International stampers are more than welcome to join in the fun!

Q: Tell me more about the Monthly Challenges!

Check this post for the latest monthly challenge information.

Your entry can be scanned or photographed, it’s up to you. Feel free to post more than one view of your project, however, each view will be counted as the same entry. Enter as many projects as you wish. Good luck and have fun!

Q: How do I use the Hero Arts Flickr Group?

A: It’s easy! If you’re not a Flickr member already, you’ll need to create an account. Once you become a member, just go to the Hero Arts Flickr Group and click on “Join this group” in the upper right corner. After you’ve joined the group you can share your photos by clicking the “Send to Group” icon in the photo view and then selecting Hero Arts, like so:


To tag a photo for a challenge, just look for the “Tags” area in the left column in the photo view as shown:


Click on the “Add a tag” link, and then type in the word specified in the challenge and click on the add button.


For further Flickr questions, please visit their help section or help forum.

Q: What are your terms of use, privacy and copyright policies?

A: You can find those details HERE. There are also links to the policies in the “Legal Stuff” footer at

Q: Does this blog have an RSS feed?

A: Yes! Just click the link to add it as a bookmark in your web browser. If you are using a feed reader or other RSS client, here is the URL that you will need to cut-and-paste:

An RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed is not meant for people, it’s meant for computer programs. So if your browser does not support adding RSS bookmarks via the click it will look very strange!

Q: What will I find on the blog?

A: We hope you will find many stamping ideas to inspire you. Here’s what a typical week will look like:

  • Motivation Mondays. An idea for the week.
  • Take Two Tuesdays. A creative technique built around the weekly idea that was presented Monday.
  • Watch It Wednesdays. Step-By-Step pictures or video sparked by the weekly idea.
  • You’re Talented Thursdays. We will highlight winning contest entries and work from our talented community members.
  • For Fun Fridays. The Hero Artists will offer creative ideas for a weekend full of stamping.

Q: How do I post a comment?

A: From the post that you would like to leave a comment on, scroll down to the end and then click on the “Comments>>” link. Next, scroll down until you see the comment form. Fill in your name, email address and the comment, then click on “Submit Comment”. At this point your comment will be in our queue awaiting moderation. A Hero Artist will approve your message and then it will be published. Rest assured that once you have submitted your comment, we have received it!

Q: How do I add a Hero Arts blinkie to my blog?

A: How you add the blinkie to your blog will depend upon your blog software. (Typepad, Blogger, WordPress, etc.) We have some links to instructions for various blogs on the post HERE. Also check this post from our Flickr discussion area, which contains lots of helpful tips!

Q: Where can I purchase Hero Arts products?

A: The Hero Arts Online Store offers a broad selection of Hero Arts products, and our entire line of products is available through our retail partners around the nation and across the world. Find one that can serve you locally, or one who sells online and by mail order.

Still have a blog question? Just leave a comment below. You can also send us an email.

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375 Responses to “Frequently Asked Questions”

  1. 1

    AnnJ said:

    How can I view the blog? I won’t be posting any of my work at this point in time.

  2. 2

    Anne Marks said:

    This is a great idea. There is so much creativity to be shared. I look forward to joining in receiving and sharing ideas with others. Also if I have a problem I have somewhere to ask for an answer now!

  3. 3

    Anne Marks said:

    I look forward to new ideas to try out. I have folk coming on wednesday to make cards, what can we do thats new?

  4. 4

    aaron said:


    Tomorrow morning Jennifer McGuire is going to kick off the blog with an idea for the week, which will serve as the theme for her next 5 days of posts and the subject of the weekly contest. Maybe have your guests all work on the contest challenge! Tune in tomorrow and see if you like the idea. :)

  5. 5

    Vivra Beene said:

    This is so exciting! A great encouragement to our creativity, giving us added incentive to expand the horizons of our imagination. I’m particularly looking forward to the contests, and to sharing ideas.

  6. 6

    Cindy said:

    I love so many of the stamps that you all design. They are cute without being cutsie. Thanks for all that you do!


  7. 7

    Bev Rhys said:

    I’m so stoked about this - with work I don’t get much time to stamp during the day (when most of my friends are stamping) so having something like this keeps me in the loop and goes a long way to reducing my feelings of isolation! Thank you so much.

  8. 8

    Nath said:

    What a good idea ! I always look forword fresh new ideas and really love your work. Thanks for sharing.

  9. 9

    Grazina said:

    As I’m down under - in Australia, it’s already Monday, 31 March here, 6pm. I’m the first person to write a comment, I guess :-)

    Just in case, I’ll drop tomorrow as well.

    Funny thing, global village.

    Congratulations on your blog idea, looks great - a big hug for everyone.


  10. 10

    Sandra Hartung said:

    Hero Arts every day. Wow! I am really looking forward to that.

  11. 11

    Jennifer TR said:

    This is fantastic and I’m really looking forward to this. Just the other day, I was thinking of sending and email to Hero Arts with regard to Jennifer McGuire’s work as I admire it so much. What great luck that she’s the first one to kick off the blog!

  12. 12

    Kath said:

    I looke forward to reading the blog and keeping up on the newest ideas from Hero! I am relatively new to stamping and am always looking for inspiration.

    I am so glad to have found this!

  13. 13

    Stella Baker said:

    I am so excited about the Hero Club Blog. I am just getting involved in stamping and I love to be inspired. I’m sure that the blog, its contests, techniques, and videos will do just that!

  14. 14

    Rowena said:

    I am so pleased you have started this blog i frequent the website often and alwasy get soo many ideas to try out. I love hero art products and look forward to being able to get advice and new ideas on how to use them. I live in a remote area of Western Australai so rely alot on internet for lots of my craft ideas and products so this is one blog i will definatly be reading daily.
    Thanks for all your wonderful talent

  15. 15

    Marion Evans said:

    I agree with Anne - this blog is a great idea. I look forward to seeing how it all unfolds - and to getting some great new ideas for stamping and creating. Thank you.

  16. 16

    Marion said:

    I love hero arts stamps and have been a fan for many years. I think this is a great idea. Thanks for sharing! I look forward to many more years of exciting stamping ideas and wonderful creations.

  17. 17

    Sandra Harrison said:

    Can people from overseas join in too, or is it just within the USA?

  18. 18

    Edie Lesslie said:

    I am excited to get new challenges to try. I look forward to daily emails from you.

  19. 19

    Allison Lariviere said:

    Wow…this will be awesome. Looking forward to getting & sharing ideas.

  20. 20

    Marci said:

    Wow! What a great idea! I’ll have something to look forward to each day. Thanks!

  21. 21

    Linda Collins said:

    This is a wonderful idea. So much creativity is shared online now it is great that Hero arts will be a part of the online community. Welcome aboard, I am sure we will enjoy the Journey.

  22. 22

    Daphne said:

    I am so excited about this blog. I love Hero Arts products.

  23. 23

    Kathy Gennari said:

    Will international Hero club members be eligible for the contest prizes??? :)

  24. 24

    mitra said:

    i clear my email before work every morning to save time and this was
    a joy to find. what a great (overdue) idea. i cant wait to see what you all
    come up with. what’s the first challenge -tomorrow’s april fools!


  25. 25

    Kay said:

    I just love this idea. I get a lot of my ideas from Hero Arts. I love your stamps and it is great to see the weekly cards done by others.

  26. 26

    Peggy Parenteau said:

    What great ideas! Hope I’m lucky, I’d LOVE to go shopping!!

  27. 27

    Jean S. said:

    I love Hero Arts stamps and am very excited about this new blog. I am looking foreward to getting new ideas and inspiration.
    Thank you.

  28. 28

    Coletta said:

    Thank for sharing your inspiration!


  29. 29

    Marie said:

    That’s a great idea for fans that just love stamping. Getting a fresh ideas is like opening a present. Let’s have fun stamping.

  30. 30

    Maggie Ehret said:

    I am excited about getting new ideas from everyone. Thanks so much for this great idea.

  31. 31

    Barb Day said:

    this sounds like fun!

  32. 32

    Roxanne said:

    I am new to blogging but not new th Hero Arts stamps. I look forward to becoming part of this network.

  33. 33

    Kathi Stack said:

    What a great idea! I can’t wait for you to get started!

  34. 34

    Valerie said:

    Yay what a great idea! I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us!

  35. 35

    Barbr said:

    I’m so excited about this new blog. I love “Hero Arts” stamps so this should be lots of fun!

  36. 36

    Linda T said:

    Wow!!! This is so exciting and to be able share it from the beginning!! I am just “coming back” to papercrafts and this is just the inspiration that I need. I look forward to “meeting” and sharing with others.
    Thanks for sharing your talent and time with us!!!

    Happy Crafting
    Linda T

  37. 37

    Jesca said:

    I love Hero Arts products and am excited to see what new and inspiring ideas the blog will provide to light a fire to our creativity.

  38. 38

    Nancy said:

    I am always looking for new Hero Arts stamps. I just love them. I am especially fond of anything with butterflies. I really like the pattern butterfly. I can do so much with it.

  39. 39

    Theresa P said:

    Love the blog. Favorite stamps are watercolor ones, ie F3854 Watercolor Coneflower

  40. 40

    LuLu said:

    Love the idea of a Hero Arts Blog……I love all the collage card kits and now those cute little owls….I am so excited to see it all. Thanks for the great idea and sharing!!

  41. 41

    dawna said:

    Hoo-RAY!!! Goof for you! I’ve been a Hero fan for a long time. I always thought this company was on the cutting edge of the stamping industry, being right on top of, and often starting the newest trends. (I thought he shadow stamps were brilliant when they first came out, and so did everyone else, apparently!)
    Congrats on the new blog, and I will be here often.
    Thanks, too for making the contest entry time run an entire week. My stamping time is tight, and frequently can’t get a challenge in for several days.

  42. 42

    Sandy Petri said:

    I buy and use lots of Hero Arts products. What a great resource this will be!
    Sandy P

  43. 43

    Jenny said:

    Wow,what a wonderful idea.
    I have been a huge fan of Hero Arts for well over 5 years now and can’t get enough of your inspiration.
    Hope UK can join in.
    I feel my mojo returning with a resounding wallop.
    Happy Stamping everyone
    Jenny S.

  44. 44

    Jesse said:

    I’m already hooked on the acetate card! I love the idea of Clear Elements. ( Wish you had started this last December after the first
    of many snowstorms here in the Northeast! ) Anxiously awaiting
    your new, creative ideas.

  45. 45

    Sally Stepp said:

    This is such a great idea. Can not wait to see all the fresh and new ideas and directions to make each one. Looking forward to this.

  46. 46

    Marion Davis said:

    I love the Clear Design stamps because I teach and thesde are so portable with minimum weight. Blog is a great idea.

  47. 47

    Stacy said:

    I’m so excited to see that Hero Arts is doing this! I love your stamps and the ideas are awesome. I know I’ll be stamping and blogging with you all the time! Thank you!

  48. 48

    Carla said:

    I was excited to learn of the new Hero Arts blog when I opened my email this morning! I absolutely love the quality and designs of the Hero Arts stamps. I am looking forward to learning more techniques and gaining inspiration from the exchange of ideas. Thanks for a great product!

  49. 49

    Teresa said:

    What a great idea, I love your designs particularly the clear unmounted ones, With them I have more room for more stamps (without my husband noticing) and can easily place them exactly as I wish. My favourite of the momnt is CL 149 flowers and borders which is so versatile. Thank you

  50. 50

    Joan Benoit said:

    This is a great blog. Good ideas to take people to their thinking about creativity on cards and scrapbooks. I have taken a couple of classes with Jennifer and love the enthusiasm and ideas she has. Always a pleasure being at her classes. I probably would have to say that two of the Christmas stamps are my favorite because that is when I do a LOT of cards at one time. Warmest Wishes is one of my favorites because I LOVE the cute little snowman-so much you could do with him. And thie Merry Christmas collage is also versatile in so many ways. Love Hero Arts and their versatility.

  51. 51

    Mary Leeson said:

    Yes! Hero Arts Stamps a favorite of mine, for a long time now…excitedly waiting to see all the inspiration and fun on your blog!

  52. 52

    Gwen said:

    Wow! What a great idea! I look forward to receiving the weekly new cards e-mail and now something else to brighten my week!!! I love the clear design stamps. I really like the Clear Design Joy borders! I am looking forward to the challenges…a great way to learn and use new techniques!

    Thanks So much and congratulations on your new addition!!!

  53. 53

    Danielle said:

    I adore Hero Arts and was so excited to find the online store, sometimes I wish there were a few more products because I enjoy the store even more than my closest retail seller. I love the card kits and have bought more than a fair share. I’m looking forward to some kits with the newer stamps like the Design Blocks.
    I don’t think I could narrow down a favorite stamp, I’m a flourish addict so any of those.
    My mom and I are weekend cardmakers and try to do 40 or so to give to friends every weekend she visits.
    I am very excited to see how the blog progresses, I think this will be a daily stop for me.
    I’ve never done a clear card, it might be something I try for the challenge this week.

    Imagination overload!

  54. 54

    Karen Reynolds said:

    Wonderful news! Looking forward to inspiration from the countless Hero Arts addicts out there! I started stamping 10 years ago with a handful of Hero Arts stamps, and now I have a craft room dedicated to my obsession with stamping! So hard to pick a favorite, but if I had to look back (a long time ago) I have always love the Garden Girl, and a Real Flower Drooping. I simply adore the Clear Set - Happy Everything (CL066) and have made countless cards with this set. Just purchased Long Branch and Owl last week…………ooooooooooh, I feel my stamping mojo stirring……….gotta go stamp………

  55. 55

    Kim Innis said:

    I am so excited to see Jennifer McGuire featured as the first blogger! I lover her work and she is one of my favorite stamping artists!

  56. 56

    Sue4stampin said:

    I like that you started a blog and will enjoy the daily inspiration.

  57. 57

    DeeinNJ said:

    I love Hero Arts and the fact that you are always coming up with something new and provide great materials and instruction for ways and to use the materials. There are so many Hero Arts stamps that I love, but right now, I think I love the Collage Take Time stamp featuring the Eiffel Tower. It’s so pretty and makes a great quick and easy card with some layering.

    Looking forward to this new addition to your site. Sounds like lots of fun.

  58. 58

    Kim Innis said:

    Well, I blew my website address on the first post, so here is a corrected comment. AND I also meant to say that “I love (not lover) her (Jennifer’s)work.” She is DEFINITELY one of my favorite designers.

  59. 59

    Sherry D said:

    I’m so happy that Hero Arts is expanding the horizons to blogging!! There are some very artistic gals on your Design Team and it’s exciting that they will be showing up daily challenging us with Inspiration and Creativity!! I am really looking forward to it! Now lets see, which stamp is my favorite? hmmm, it would be easier to pick a group of stamps and I would choose the Designblock series! I just love to use background stamps!

  60. 60

    Sherry N. said:

    I am SO excited about this blog. Hero Arts is my favorite stamp company BY FAR!! Thanks so much!

  61. 61

    Teresa M said:

    I think the new and updated website is great. It is more interactive and encourages you to create and be a part of Hero Arts. Keep up the good work. I am looking forward to visiting your website more.

  62. 62

    Dawn said:

    Yippeee!!!!! What fun this will be.

  63. 63

    A Louie said:

    Wow. I am sooooo excited! I love the website and will visit every chance I get to get new ideas and tips!

  64. 64

    Barbara said:

    I am so excited about this site! I often have creative blocks, such as the one I’ve been in for the last week, and a site like this with continual input of new ideas is just what the doctor ordered to cure the blocks. I’ve already got an idea from today’s site to move my current project along! Thanks.

  65. 65

    Lynne Lefmann said:

    This is great! For the first contest, I’m submitting my favorite clear stamp set,
    CL184, Thoughtful Messages. It just says it all!

    Lynne Lefmann

  66. 66

    Patti White said:

    How exciting! I love all the fun plans you have for each day of the week. I can’t wait to participate in some of the challenges and learn more about your wonderful products. Thanks so much!

  67. 67

    jjob80 said:


    Great blog, love the new ideas! My favorite stamp (too many to choose from!) is the Peeking Posies. I have used them in so many ways and with many different materials, such as embossing, chalks, watercolors. I love the images and have definitely got tons of use out of them in cards and scrapbooking!

  68. 68

    Nancy Olson said:

    I love all my Hero Arts stamps, but my favorite right now is K4883 CardArt Happy Wishes. I love to do the white crayon technique with it and the one where you color the stamp with markers, then white emboss velum to layer on top just a little off kilter.

  69. 69

    Deanna M. said:

    This is wonderful news! Thanks for the heads up about this great new addition to your website! I love Jennifer’s page and card. I want to thank you so much for all your great ideas over the years via your website. I’ve been motivated by your examples/samples soooo many times, and now a blog, too! Oh, and a P.S.: I love your clear stamps!

  70. 70

    Margo C. said:

    I am THRILLED that you all have a blog now! I love receiving the card of the day and the layout of the day. Such great ideas and inspiration! I look forward to reading the blog and getting even more ideas!


  71. 71

    Emmy said:

    A Hero Arts blog! How exciting! Am looking forward to all the inspiration, challenges, and contests, too, from this talented group! Love Hero Arts stamps!

  72. 72

    Candy said:

    I love all of the Hero Arts products!!! Such good quality and so cool!!

  73. 73

    Linda A. said:

    Can’t tell you how much I love your stamps, especially the clear ones. Such a space saver and so much variety. I always look forward to seeing all the new Hero Arts stamps!

  74. 74

    Frances said:

    Thanks for doing this. I teach classes at my local Scrapbook/stamp store and use many Hero Art Stamps. We buy a lot of Hero stamps and accessories. Love the new bling. Good job!
    I use your web site to keep me up to date on your new products and ideas.
    Love it!

  75. 75

    Diane Sperry said:

    I can’t even begin to state which of the hero arts are my favoirite. I love the tulip and many of the flowers and the birds. I have used so many of the flower and the four birds in my poems. I also love the new squirell and bird card and the owl. You have outdone yourself with all the creative stamps that make my cards look so professsionally made with that personal touch. I am dissapointed that some of the card kits are no longer including ink and embellisments. The whole idea of buying the kits is to have everything together at one price. I loved the original concept. I don’t mind spending a little more to have everything included. Diane Sperry

  76. 76

    Julie Phillips said:

    This is a great idea! I just got the Hero Arts cupcake set and posted a photo of it on my blog. Check it out! Thanks for more great inspiration.


  77. 77

    Arlene said:

    I have always loved Hero Arts stamps - great for working with anything… not TOO CUTESY! I’ve always found I could create so many different things from just one stamp. Great idea here.

  78. 78

    Shirley Lee said:

    I have been using Hero Arts stamps for years. In fact I have separate drawers in my stamp room just for the Hero stamps since I purchased so many. I love all your flower and flourish stamps and use them frequently. I jump to your website every Monday morning to view the new card of the week. They are so creative. The technique section is another favorite area of your website, too, because I love to try new techniques and share them with friends. You must have a very creative team to produce the quality and creativity of your stamps. Keep up the creative juices. Great idea for this blog!!

    Shirley Lee

  79. 79

    Myriam Manns said:

    I love so many of the stamps by Hero Arts. They are definitely my favourite… starting this blog is just the perfect idea. I hope to get lots of great ideas here. Hugs Myriam

  80. 80

    Diana Barnett said:

    These bolgs are great. I love that you are doing one. I can get my Hero Arts fix daily now. You have way too many stamps to pick one. I’ve been using them so long that some of favorites are long retired. The collages are great & remind me of some of your earlier items. I love stamping them several times & then cutting them apart & putting tham back together again. Todays favorite is DesignBlock Silhouette. I like the sample technique. Will try that with some other stamps, too. Thanks for being on the cutting edge and so innovated. diana

  81. 81

    Ellen said:

    So happy to see a Hero Arts blog. Have been a big fan of your stamps for a long time. Thanks for all the inspiration.

  82. 82

    Carol Ceraso said:

    I absolutely love using Hero Art Stamps….they are so easy to be creative with, whether using them as a background or focus item. One of my favorite stamp/set is the Special Edition Flourish Flowers.
    Stamping is my main activity for relaxing.
    It’s great to be able to go online and read about new projects and ideas. Thanx…..Carol

  83. 83

    Robyn Reed said:

    This is a great idea. The daily blogs based on a weekly theme will be interesting.

    My favorite Hero Arts stamps are the five wood stamps in the “Impressions from real leaves” set. These have so many uses for both stamping and scrapbooking.

    Thanks for the oppotunity to enter.


  84. 84

    Judy Joseph said:

    My favoriate Hero Arts stamp is the Leaf Flourish.

    I love your stamp designs, especially the clear stamps, makes it easier to travel with them.


  85. 85

    Dianne said:

    Hi, I have been in love with Hero Arts since around 1984-1985… I still use some of those older stamps and still love them. I love the diretion that Hero has take and I love this new blog. I have been stamping more than ever and loving it. I love all the new stuff Hero has come out with and only wish I could buy everything that I want. Thank you Aaron and HERO Arts for a wonderful company and selection of stamps and accessories.
    Thanks so very much, Dianne Kozil

  86. 86

    Dianne said:

    Hi, I have been in love with Hero Arts since around 1984-1985… I still use some of those older stamps and still love them. I love the direction that Hero has taken and I love this new blog. I have been stamping more than ever and loving it. I love all the new stuff Hero has come out with and only wish I could buy everything that I want. Thank you Aaron and HERO Arts for a wonderful company and selection of stamps, ideas and accessories.
    Thanks so very much, Dianne Kozil :)

  87. 87

    Sandie Luck said:

    OH!!! How excited I am to have this new contact to inspire me on in learning more about papercrafting! Hero Art Stamps have been in my collection for MANY years. The DESIGN BLOCK FLOURISH is one of my favorites as I can use it in so many ways~the full design or just a partial part of the block design on a corner of my paper, etc. FUN! FUN! FUN!
    THANK YOU, designers, for making this such an informative website!!!!

  88. 88

    Donna Brown said:

    I love the blog. It’s a great idea!

    Hero Arts has always made fine quality stamps. I continue to be partial to wooden stamps. My current favorite is the set called Solid Flowers Flourish, Special Edition.


  89. 89

    Dottye Roberts said:

    WOW! I am so excited about this blog. I am so taken with the Clear Design Stamps. I have ALL of them! I can’t wait to start a new challenge. I wish you all the best of luck with this blog and I also want to tell the artists/designers they are the BOMB!!!! Excellent work, excellent cards and excellent pages. I think you ALL are fantastic!

  90. 90

    Nancy Webster said:

    After all these years, Hero is still doing a great job to keep the stamping community excited! I look forward to the weekly challenges, the daily information and the guests. Keep up the good work!

  91. 91

    Mel said:

    I am retired now and am looking forward to using all these stamps/items I have purchased over the years (my husband will be happy too). I am a beginner and am looking forward to a site that have techniques and ideas to help me through the process of scrapping years of photos. It will be great to ask questions as well.

    Thanks so much!!!

  92. 92

    Nancy said:

    I have always enjoyed visiting the Hero Arts website since it began,especially for the Learning Centre,Tutorials,instructions and great inspiration.
    I have been stamping for 9 years ,doing collage,making greeting cards, Artist Trading Cards and now have just started doing ‘inchies’. There is no end to what we can do with the wide variety of images you offer.
    The blog is a great way to learn more things and trade ideas. My last Hero Art stamp purchase this past weekend was the Ornate Bird which I just love!

  93. 93

    sara said:

    my favorite stamp would be fantastic flourishes - I love the clear ones. please enter me in the drawing

  94. 94

    Jorjetta Hermsen said:

    Hi there. I just love all of your stamps. It’s hard to pick a favorite but one of them is Fanciful Filaments. You can do so much with this set. I seem to go back to it time and time again when I’m looking for ideas for cards. My wish of course is to have one of all of your stamps!!!! Love them all.

  95. 95

    Riitta said:

    Great!!! This is the blog I’ve been waiting for so long!!! I love all your stamps! And your pages, they are full of good ideas. I’ll visit this blog often, I can guarantee that!

  96. 96

    Teresa said:

    I love Hero Arts! My favorite stamp is the clear design Cupcakes! I have made so many cards with just that one set. Thanks for the great ideas.

  97. 97

    Vicky said:

    I am so excited about this blog. I love all of your stamps & would like to see how other people are using your stamps.

  98. 98

    cindi said:

    My wish list is already full!

  99. 99

    Barb said:

    March 31st at 10:35 am

    I’m happy to see you blogging Hero Arts. I’m thrilled with your website so I’ll be visiting here as well. My friends call me a fossil stamper as I’ve been at it since 1994. Some of my first stamps came from Hero Arts & I still use them.

  100. 100

    Lori R. said:

    Weeeee! I am so excited to be here and so glad you are doing this! I have loved Hero Arts forever!!!!! I never win anything, but I am posting anyway. I have quite a few Hero Arts Stamps and must say they are ALL my favorites! Now I must go see what I can put together for the contest.

  101. 101

    marlis said:

    How great. a new way to fuel my passion. If i had to choose a favorite stamp, can it be a set? I love the clear calendar stamps. I have January - December and use them all the time. I am looking forward to this blog and the challenges.

  102. 102

    lisa said:

    Hi there international stampers! We’ve had a few questions on whether the contests were for US residents only — and the answer to that is NO WAY! You are more than welcome to play! Come and join the fun! I have updated the FAQ as well.

  103. 103

    Susan Stieler said:

    Hero Arts are absolutely my favorite stamps, but the most favorite so far is the set of four little birds. Coming in a close second is the clear set of butterflies. I have used these on so many cards. Fortunately, I keep a photo journal of all the cards I make, so I don’t accidentally send a person a very similar card the next year. I just have a file with photos of both outside and inside of the cards, filed in categories. For anyone who makes a lot of cards and doesn’t always have time for a new idea, this works great.

  104. 104

    Sandy Dolan said:

    I love the set of birds also. You can use them for almost any occasion and make each card look different. I love this blog.

  105. 105

    Carol Timberman said:

    I Love the Christmas card stamps, the trees are so neat to make on cards and you can embellish them with embossing powder and glitter.

  106. 106

    Cathy Macaulay said:

    I am looking forward to seeing how to make the clearcards without showing the tape. That has always been a problem and I have stopped making acetate cards or I use brads.

  107. 107

    Elfi Walpuski said:

    I am so excited about your weekly blog, and accepting the challenge to submit projects! Your new catalog is the best ever, the samples are really inspiring. My favorite stamps are the clear butterflies. Love Hero Arts!

  108. 108

    Margo C. said:

    I love so many of the stamps but right now…my favorite set would be the Decorative Birds. There’s just something about those birds that strikes my fancy. :-)

  109. 109

    Penny Kingdon said:

    I love the suggestions for using clear products, especially the white versamark….my favorite stamps are the decorative birds set, often combined with the bird with long legs……they always make adorable cards

  110. 110

    Mavis said:

    I love the simplicity of Hero Arts stamps. I’m a cardmaker and really like the fact that I can design cards that are quick or detailed, elegant or just plain cute without having to spend too much time on them.

  111. 111

    Joanne G said:

    My Favorite Hero set is High-Country Wildflowers!! It is so very versatile. I am a card maker and there are times I have had a mind block (usually when my Muse is taking a nap) so I take out my Flower sets and they just seem to pop onto the paper for me. They are just wonderful by themselves or with whatever I want to pair them with. I have used them for every occasion you can think of. They are a must to own! (I have quite a few Flower stamps)
    Try one….you will love them too…..
    Joanne G

  112. 112

    Denise G. said:

    Wow! great blog and some awesome new ideas using stamps and the clear cards. Keep ‘em coming! Denise

  113. 113

    Diane Ruess said:

    I love the new blog and it will definitely be one of my daily stops & shops for ideas and inspirations. Hero has been a mainstay for great stamps for a very long time. At this moment, my favorite stamp is the Damask Leaf. I have used it over and over. A close second to the leaf is The Deco Silhouette and it’s counterpart, the Deco Background. The new flourish borders are wonderful as well. I’m looking forward to many great hours of perusing.

  114. 114

    Jayne said:

    I really like the idea of a Hero Arts blog. Is there any way that I can subscribe by email. I’d love for it to just come to my inbox every day. Thanks.

  115. 115

    Renee Lavictoire said:

    I have been inspired by Hero Arts stamps for the past 10 years! You actually started my stamping addiction! I’m so excited about this blog and hope to get lots of inspiration from it.

    BTW…I think that you were really smart to diversify into clear, acrylics while maintaining the high quality wooden/rubber stamps.

    In regards to the contest…will Canadians get to win too?? :)


  116. 116

    Terry Renollet said:

    I have used Hero Arts Products for many years and get a catalog every year. My favorite set is Real High Country Wild Flowers. I made the card on the cover of the 2005 catalog “Thinking of You” as soon as I saw it. It is still one of my favorite cards. I love your web site and happy that I have been able to order just what I want from the catalog. Terry

  117. 117

    Kay said:

    I will enjoy checking the blog for new ideas. My favorite hero arts stamp is the stiching and ribbon set where you can make fake “sewing” stitches with a rubber stamp.

  118. 118

    Melanie said:

    As a scrapper & card maker, I’m crazy about stamps especially clear ones & this has become my favorite site for continous inspiration (courtesy my friend). I feel like I’ve stumbled upon buried treasure. Way cool stuff!!! Thanks so much. Jennifer McGuire simply rocks!

  119. 119

    Erin said:

    I am excited about this blog. What a great idea! I love getting your card of the week e-mails and this will give me even more reasons to visit!

  120. 120

    Amy J said:

    Sounds like a great blog! My favorite Hero Arts stamp set is one that I use a lot and have had for a while: “Good Alphabet” LL760. It is a tiny alphabet set that fits on everything and looks great. I don’t know if they make it anymore, but if so, check it out!

  121. 121

    Karen Slama said:

    It’s hard to name just one Hero Arts stamp that is my favorite, but the newest one I like the most is the “Solid Flowers Flourish” set. The swirly flowers can be used in a circle in which a sentiment can be added and the curly, swirled stems on the two-flower stamp can be used on the edges of a card. I love simple flower bouquets and these two flower stamps can be used in various ways on many of my cards.

  122. 122

    Eileen Carrick said:

    My Favourite stamp is Happy Birthday number 8570085447.
    I am new to the computer so it will be a while before I enter a competion.
    Keep up the good work and I purchase my Hero Art stamps from An Siopha Bui in Galway Ireland.
    Will Ireland get to qualify for the competitions
    Cheers Eileen,

  123. 123

    Leilah said:

    You ladies must have one of the best jobs - you always seem to be creating so much fun! The idea of a blog to share ideas is billiant and I will be looking forward to viewing the creativity, daily and weekly. Congratulations on your new idea to further enhance your great site and compliment your amazing products.

  124. 124

    Kathy said:

    This blog could be a very addicting site. I love to stamp and scrap. When buying my stamps, I like to get them in sets and love the new acrylic stamp! My favorite most recently is a Christmas border set I bought. Each new set I buy is my favorite!

  125. 125

    Paula said:

    I love it. I didn’t even know about the acetate cards. I have never seen them at any of the stores in my area. Plus being creative daily will be fun.

  126. 126

    Rhonda M. said:

    I LOVE all the new clear stamps….I get such great results from being able to see where I am stamping my images. I have always enjoyed the website and now I will enjoy the blog :o)

  127. 127

    Vicki said:

    I love this new blog especially because you will be sharing new ideas and tutorials. My favorite Hero Arts stamp would be F3045 Elegant Poppy. I love flowers and can’t get enough of them!!! Keep up the good work on creating new and different flower stamps or stamp sets. Too bad my husband doesn’t share my love/addiction to stamps.

  128. 128

    Shirley Dwigans said:

    My new favorite (they are all my favorites) is the Clear set “Anytime Messages” A person can never have too many stamp messages.

  129. 129

    Jane Grosvold said:

    I have so many sets and love them all. I feel most creative with the Real High Country Flowers. They stamp beautifully with inks and chalks. I have used them for cards and backgrounds for scrapbooking. My daughters have even borrowed them for their cards and scrapbooking. Hero arts are my favorite stamps. I love wood mounted stamps but am not scared to buy the clear stamps. I feel Hero Art’s clear stamps give the best impression over other brands.
    I hope to enter competions and get many new ideas to keep me creative.

  130. 130

    AnnMarie said:

    This blog is a great idea. I love all of Hero Arts products. Can’t wait to learn more.

  131. 131

    Arlene S said:

    What a great opportunity for all of us artists to now be able to share our creativity with one of the best…HERO ARTS!

    Choosing just one of your stamps as a favorite is soooooooooo difficult…
    My favorite is the Stone Etchings Set in the Poetic Prints line….so versatile…because of how they’re designed. I use them as photo corners, in Teabag Folding, geometrics, paper embossing, clay medallions…and on and on.

    How wonderful…can’t wait to get started!

  132. 132

    Doreen said:

    I enjoy using the stamps from Hero Arts and have a great supply of all types. I have recently been using the Wavy Designer Borders with a number of your sayings.
    Keep up the designing!

  133. 133

    Michele said:

    I just started using the clear stamps, and my favorite is the Clear Sparkle Cupcake set. Wow it’s going to be exciting participating in the weekly challenges!

  134. 134

    Bettie Matsich said:

    I am so happy that you started this blog. I love the Hero Arts Club!!! My favorite stamp, (at the moment), is the collage stamp, thinking of you, and I also like the alphabet clear sets, especially the C. This is great for me. I am 83 years old and I keep entertained by the cards people make. Sometimes, I copy!

  135. 135

    Diane said:

    I love the new blog! Hero Arts are my favorite stamps!!! I will have to think hard to pick my very favorite!!

  136. 136

    Kathie said:

    I am fairly new to Hero Arts stamps but found that I love them, especially the 4 bird stamps I have recently purchased in a set. They are so adorable. Can’t wait to participate in the contests and blog. What great idea!!

  137. 137

    Carrie J said:

    I think my favorite set of stamps from Hero Arts is “Days to Celebrate” with stamps for Easter, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. I really like the new clear design stamps for the different months too. This sounds like a fun new blog.

  138. 138

    Suzanne said:

    I am looking forward to reading this blog. It is great to connect with other creative artists.

    My favourite Hero Arts stamps are the Holiday Birds set.

    I like the Hero Arts stamps as they give a nice clear image and the art work is always excellent. I am really happy that you have added the Clear Design stamps as well.

  139. 139

    Marge Disbrow said:

    Love the new blog. Look forward to seeing many new ideas and maybe even posting a few.

  140. 140

    Robin Saporito said:

    This is a fabulous idea. When I get a free moment, I am going to use my favorite Large Harlequin Background and submit some art.

  141. 141

    Nancy Easler said:

    I love Hero Arts products. They are always very neat and easy to use. I have your website on my favorites, because the galleries are inspirational and they always show new products. Fortunately I have a good paper crafts store only 1 hour or so away with lots of Hero Arts products. Also I’m a member of a newly formed stamp club. It’s always to get with others who like to stamp and work with paper. I’m very happy to discover your blog, and I am looking forward to seeing all the great projects. Keep up the good work!

  142. 142

    Nettie said:

    Love the idea of a HA blog. I do have one question that you may address, others may wonder too. Is it alright to post our challenge cards to our blogs in addition to uploading them to your flicker album?


  143. 143

    Sue Stenzel said:

    Looking forward to more great ideas and discussion. Great start!

  144. 144

    Sandy Sperling said:

    My current favorite is the ClearDesign Designer Butterfly set - I haven’t actually used it yet, but I have plans…. I love butterflies and hummingbirds… (Another set, please)!

    I love all my Hero Sets….. and use them often. Thanks, Hero - for the designs…. and the fact that I can get clear (which I now prefer) or wood!

  145. 145

    Amy Sutton said:

    I have been using Hero Arts stamps for years and love them! My favorites seem to change over time, but the “watercolor” flower collection is wonderful esp. with markers!

  146. 146

    Kathy Adams said:

    My current favorite is the Thinking of You Messages CL140, but it’s hard to choose!

  147. 147

    Myrna said:

    Hero Arts are my favorite stamps because of the overall high quality and beauty and/or cuteness of the designs. My most favorite stamp is the poppy
    in the Real Flower series. It mirrors the natural beauty and grace of our state flower, and it lends itself to lots of different kinds of cards, eg birthday, thinking of you, thank you, sympathy, get well. Also, thanks for the great website and ongoing design ideas. Wonderful!

  148. 148

    Grazina said:

    A big sunny hallo from Australia

    I’m back as I promised. A blog like this one is great for people who procrastinate or can’t find time for scrapbooking; surprisingly, if it’s your real passion, being in touch with other like minded people motivates and inspires you enough to reorganise your schedule a bit, and start or finish what you’ve been planning to start of finish for a long time.

    I’m ready.

  149. 149

    Tina said:

    Favorite! Today it is Flower Borders, especially with the great cards pictured in your catalog using it……..guess I’m feeling spring deprived since it was snowing today!! I do have to admit that my favorite can change every time I look through the catalog.

  150. 150

    Stacey Dahn said:

    Thanks for all the wonderful inspiration-I am looking forward to the new blog!
    My favorite Hero Art Stamps right now are the Clear Design Cupcakes.
    Stacey Dahn

  151. 151

    Maureen said:

    Great idea with the FAQs - makes it so easy !!!!! so looking forward to stopping by this blog everyday, looks like lots of inspiration. YEAH for Hero Arts !!!

  152. 152

    Mildred Reppeto said:

    Of all the different companies from whom I’ve purchased stamps, Hero Arts will always be my favorite. The design, quality of the rubber, color index and ease of use just can’t be beat. Although I do not care for the clear designs, I love to use the Fantastic Flourishes CL106 because they add such elegance in just one (or two) easy swoops!

  153. 153

    Laura H. said:

    I have so many favorite Hero Arts stamps! Right now, my favorite is E4742 Bird with Long Legs and the Hero Arts sample card You’re the Best by Jennifer McGuire! I love how she used the library pocket card with this cute birdie!! I’m looking forward to this new Hero Arts Blog too!!

  154. 154

    Suzanne D said:

    The 2008 catalog is great!! My favorite stamp is the Mona Lisa…a great stamp with many possibilities. Hero Arts has so many great stamps it’s hard to choose just one.

  155. 155

    Lorna Baumann said:


    I really love the Hero Arts stamps and I have a lot of favorites, one of which is the Muse Heart. It is whimsical and can be used in a lot of ways, which is why I like it. Looking to more of the blog and any new ideas.


  156. 156

    Karen said:

    I think my favorite stamp is Delicate Rose Stems. I use it for all kinds of occasions!
    Thanks for the new blog!

  157. 157

    Sharon said:

    My favorite stamp store carries Hero Arts Stamps so I have great opportunities to see first hand all the new stamp designs. I recently purchased the bird stamp set and the delightful dandelion stamp and am looking forward to working on some new cards . The new site is great and will be a fun addition to all our stamping blogs.

  158. 158

    Janie said:

    I cannot tell you how wonderful it was to get this email when I got home. I love Hero Arts. I am a true rookie at scrapbooking, but what a wondeful & exciting world it is. I am excited every night to get home from work to see what is new. Thanks for everything. My favourite stamp is #S5025, Flowers, as it jumps out at me with endless possibilities.

  159. 159

    Paula said:

    Love, love, love Hero Arts!! Especially the new cupcake stamps!

  160. 160

    Pam Yee said:

    I’m on vacation in Hawaii soaking up the sun/warmth before I head home to MI soon. I checked my email and was delighted to find the HeroArts blog. I can’t submit art since I’m away from my studio, but will once I get home mid-April. I am a mixed media artist (altered books/projects, ATCs, books) and include HeroArts products in my studio.

  161. 161

    lisa said:

    Thanks for all of your comments! So fun seeing them all!

  162. 162

    MaggiLiz said:

    I’m so happy that Hero Arts has come of age and have a blog. I’m a frequent visitor to HA community and love HA products as well as their ideas. So many of the HA stamps are my favorites, it’s hard to choose. This spring the stamp set I’ve used the most is Four Woodblock rubber stamps, LL682, so right now that is my favorite. I’m excited about the clear circular stamps and can’t wait to try them. I’m just wondering what punches or nestabilities are compatible with these stamps? I’m looking forward to being a frequent blogger.

  163. 163

    colleen moore said:

    Wow Iam glad to see your new Blog and look forward to peeping in on it now and again. My favorite stamp is currently your Heart Butterfly. KEEP STAMPING Colleen

  164. 164

    Debbie Murray said:

    I love the new blog Been using your stamps forever and love them. My Favorits are The Collage stamps own almost all of them. I wish you all the luck with the blog

  165. 165

    kathy said:

    So happy to see your blog, and also to see that the JoAnn fabric by me is handling your line know I just hope they get more in. Ilove your products !!!

  166. 166

    Deborah Kettler said:

    All of the watercolor flowers, but especially the Watercolor Sunflower stamp, have brought me great acclaim and praise. Others can’t believe I’m such an accomplished watercolorist — I’m really not, but with this stamp, I certainly can become the artist I’ve always wanted to be.

  167. 167

    Elizabeth Bird said:

    Thanks for your new Blog & information from Hero Arts. I am on holidays in Arizona and have forgotten the name of my favorite clear stamp set. It’s of lady birds, one dressed up carrying a purse, birthday cakes and a birthday greeting ” wishing you a Happy Birday. I use them often as they suit my last name. Keep up the great Blog.
    Elizabeth Bird

  168. 168

    Michelle said:

    So Glad to see your Blog. I love All the HA Stamps. And all the card and scrapbook ideas. I’m looking forward to being a frequent blogger.


  169. 169

    Doreen said:

    Congrats on your new blog! Looking forward to viewing it frequently.
    You have so many wonderful stamps and makes choosing only one a bit difficult. I must admit, though, my favorite is F3854 Watercolor Coneflower.

  170. 170

    Sharon Payne said:

    Hello Ladies
    Great news, look forward to checking in and seeing all of the new comments and hints for things that can be done.
    My favourite stamp set is your clear design Seize the Cupcake it is absolutely perfect for every occasion to be celebrated.
    Keep up the great work.

  171. 171

    Dawn Lee said:

    What a terrific place to visit! I think your blog is an awesome idea! It will be fun getting to know everyone.

  172. 172

    Kim Walth said:

    I am excited about your blog…I am just afraid I won’t get any sleep now…trying to read all the comments and keep on stampin… many stamps and so little time…. all my HA phrase stamps are my favorites…the little ones that fit so well on any card any where…oh yes and the flowers, and the leaves and the snowflakes …you know what I mean?

    talk to you soon!

  173. 173

    Patricia said:

    ( am glad that hero arts has a blog. I will be using it alot. Happy Stamping. Patricia

  174. 174

    Hazel H. said:

    One of my favorite set of stamps is the “Special Edition: Real High-Country Wildflowers” set. I bought it years ago and still use it on a regular basis. Depending on what colors you ink the flowers, they can be used year round!

  175. 175

    Sndra Williams said:

    I don’t recall the name. They are words written in script, designed to go across a page. They are around 1×4.

  176. 176

    Delila George said:

    I love your Hero Arts Stamps! Especially your Clear Design set of Fantastic Flourishes #CL106. I think I have used that set more than any others. It addes alot of flare to your cards. Plus with the clear block you can place the stamp exactly where you want too! Thank You Hero Arts for all of the neat ideas and all of your stamps! Really enjoy your web site!
    Delila George, JC, OR.

  177. 177

    Caroline said:

    You mean we are only allowed to have ONE favorite stamp? Uh oh, I’m in trouble.

    My favorite stamp depends on what I am working on. Right now I am making stationery and notecards as a gift for my sister. I have really enjoyed the “Clear Design Circular Designs” set for this. I take a matching ink to do a tone on tone design, or the Versamark to do a background that adds something special to the area where you write your note or letter. Using inks that complement the card or stationery, I stamp out the designs directly onto the card, or on white and cut them out with a round punch. These cut outs can be added using a pop dot, or over a ribbon trim, or when done on round stickers as a seal for the envelope. For seals or cut outs, if I want to stamp onto bright, or dark colored cardstock or paper, I use StazOn to make it pop. I like the matte finish.
    When doing kids cards, I have used these round stamps as a “ball” adding a curved line to make it look like it is bouncing, or stamping overlapping circles (without re-inking) to make it look like the ball is in motion.

  178. 178

    Karen said:

    I’m excited about the new blog.
    I love Hero Arts stamps, but am not the most creative person.
    So this will be a great source of new ideas for me!
    Currently I’ll pick the Clear Design Whimsical Months as my favorite stamps. I haven’t used them yet, but I think they’ll be great for dating my scrapbook pages.

  179. 179

    Edna Fenimore said:

    I have enjoyed using Hero Arts stamps and I can always spot them when I am shopping. I have been a stamper for about 8 years.

  180. 180

    Debbie said:

    I love your samples and ideas… they are an inspiration to me!! And encouraging. I’m not very good at putting ideas together, so it’s helpful to see what others a doing!

  181. 181

    Rosie K said:

    I am a Hero Arts junkie and I have an extensive collection of Hero stamps. But if I could only work with one stamp from you it would be Heart Leaf Sketch. It is 2 or 3 years old but I find myself reaching for it all the time.

  182. 182

    Sonia said:

    I love Heroarts.Been a big fan for many years.Keep up the good work!

  183. 183

    Susan said:

    I JUST purchased my first Hero Arts set and it the one FEATURED on the clear card - the little bird - I already feel so at home here!!! I can’t wait for all the ideas and inspiration! Maybe even some sales for some of the clear stamp sets??? Just an idea! Thanks so much!

  184. 184

    Cindy L said:

    Thanks so much for starting this blog! Do I have a favorite Hero Arts stamp? Impossible to choose just one, but I am becoming very fond of the swirl stamps–makes it easy to make elegant cards for those very special occasions. Keep these great stamps coming!

  185. 185

    Susan Penny said:

    What fun to have a blog to see and share ideas about rubber stamping. Thanks for starting it. Susan

  186. 186

    Lyn Ohlensehlen said:

    I absolutely LOVE Hero Arts stamps. My favorite is hard to choose, but am a REALLY big fan of flourishes, so I guess I would have to say is “Always Heart”. Keep ‘em comin’!

  187. 187

    Maria E Reyes said:

    I am madly in LOVE with your clear cupcake stamps. They are absolutely GORGEOUS!! I guess its not just me, because I see cupcakes everywhere!

  188. 188

    Lynn Lacentra said:

    Hero Arts stamps are my “go to stamps” when beginning new projects. My most recent purchases are “A True Impression Everytime” and “Collector’s Edition-Swirls”. The sentiments in “A True Impression” have many, many applications and can be used in whole or in part, and of course, the “Collector’s Edition-Swirls”…. well the mind “swirls” at the possibilities. I know all of us Hero Arts fans will be enjoying this Blog. Thanks Lynn

  189. 189

    Sheree Larsen said:

    I thought all stamps were relatively the same until I bought some Hero Arts stamps. I LOVE them! I did all my Christmas cards with the cute little bird stamp and they were a hit! I am slowly building a collection of Hero Arts. I look forward to the page and card ideas your company offers. I find myself going through your card ideas very often and come away with new energy to make something “homemade” that always means more. Thank you! Sheree

  190. 190

    Sandy Suetta said:

    EVERY stamp from HA is awesome. I have been using your stamps for many, many years. I love your catalogs because it give great ideas on how to use them - once I see your idea, then I either copy it or redesign it to fit the individuals I am making the card for. Congratulations on the BLOG - can’t wait to read all of the suggestions from everyone. I look forward to your “weekly” adventures. Kudos to Hero Arts and keep the excellent products and great ideas coming!

  191. 191

    Bobbie said:

    I love the clear stamps. I think shar Laughter is my favorite

  192. 192

    Darby W said:

    Wow, to choose just one.
    How about just one of the new stamps that I know I will love? That would be the Leaf Fluorish. I just love the backgrounds, silhouettes and accents that it does.

  193. 193

    Karen Francis said:

    What a great idea, this blog gives us in the UK the chance to keep more up-to-date and in touch.
    My favourite Hero Arts stamps are without doubt ‘Delicate Rose Stems’ which look fab in decoupage, the simple ‘Happy Birthday to you’ and my absolute favourite, the ever faithful ‘Real Carnation’. It’s the one I always turn to if in doubt. I have used it for birthdays, get wells, sympathy, anniversary and wedding acceptance and I’m always inspired with an idea when I use this lovely stamp.
    Hi to you all in the US from rainy old England.

  194. 194

    Rhian said:

    Like many of us ‘international’ card makers and scrapbookers who feel sometimes a little isolated, Hero Arts makes me feel like part of one big family. I’ve never blogged before- this is my first. I’m really looking forward to reading and sharing ideas and comments with like minded people! Here’s to HERO ARTS all the way from New Zealand!

  195. 195

    Rita said:

    I’m excitedabout Hero’s Blog!! My favorite stamp set is the Hello Birdie, so many wonderful ways to use that set.

  196. 196

    Dotty said:

    Your blog is a great idea. It looks like I’m not the only one who thinks so. My favorite new stamp is the branch, little birds and the little owl. Keep up the good work.

  197. 197

    Greta Hess said:

    Wow! Big changes. I’m glad to see your redesigned website. I’m a huge Hero Arts fan. Now days what’s popular is so cluttered that I constantly go back to my Hero Arts stamps and samples. I love simple designs with beautiful colors and embelishments like jewels, pearls and ribbon! The contests always got me motivated to make something, even though I never won, so it’s great they’re back! Thanks for your wonderful products!

  198. 198

    Allyson Longe said:

    I’m another fan of Hero Arts fromthe UK. I’ve always found your website a source of great inspiration and the ‘new’ site is even better. It’s impossible to pick one favorite stamp, the new ones are brilliant while the old ones still keep coming out to be used all the time.
    Well done, Allyson.

  199. 199

    Kathy said:

    I think your re-designed site is awesome!! I’ve always loved all the ideas and inspiration on the Hero Arts site and now it’s even better with the blog and videos of how to make cards, etc. I have a ton or your stamps and make cards for every occassion. I’m from a huge family so there’s always a birthday card needed. :)
    I wish I had a job working for Hero Arts. It sounds like a dream job to me!
    Thank you and keep up the great work!

  200. 200

    Daylene said:

    I have always loved to get your newsletter and read about your examples and ways to use your stamps. This new blog system seems very organized and I love that I can visit it too at my convenience and be inspired just the same way and see your new items. Love some of the new designs! You’ve always had so many that I had in my wish list! LOL!

  201. 201

    Trina said:

    Love your new redesigned website. The Blog is such a great addition. Love all the Hero Arts clear stamps - so easy to use and take so little space for storage. Keep all the good ideas coming. I’m a fan.

  202. 202

    Sandy said:

    I’ve always enjoyed your site, moreso now that you’ve updated your website. I have some of your stamps, & like your ideas that are usually simple, but elegant too. Sending a Hero Arts card is sending your best!

  203. 203

    Doreen said:

    Being introduced to your stamps a couple of years back and has been a fan since then. In Singapore, there are alot of people doing cards and scrapbooking. Its real fun working with your stamps and I get great ideas from your website. Glad that I have signed up as your club member and your new site is really fabulous. Love all the ideas you have shared!

  204. 204

    lisa said:

    Hi everyone! Just wanted you to know that I have updated the RSS section since we received some questions about it. Thanks!

  205. 205

    Diana E. Bishop said:

    Just watched the Video ! Wonderful idea to do this and something going on each day. You know where I will be for sure. As to favorite stamp…well now since I only buy Hero Art Stamps…..they are ALL my favorite stamps. Your new site is wonderful, but in my book …..everything you all do is wonderful ! ! ! Thanks for being such a
    wonderful company !

  206. 206

    Diana E. Bishop said:

    What more can I say…….This is a Wonderful Company and the Artists
    go way beyond others. Hero Arts are the only stamps I purchase…why ..
    because they are always just what one needs in quality & design. A favorite stamp…..they are All my favorite. I only wish I could own every one you produce. Thanks for this wonderful new site. I hope I am not being repitious as this wouldn’t accept my comment earlier. Hugs to all.

  207. 207

    Caroline said:

    Watched the video this afternoon, and got several good ideas. I went to my local Hero Arts supplier and picked up several of the itmes listed on the blog.

  208. 208

    Dorothy Orr said:

    I just want to say how impressed I am with this new addition to your website. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading Jennifer’s blog this week and the little video was another extra bonus. Thanks from a very happy crafter who always thought Hero Arts was G- r- e- a- t to begin with.Keep up the good work.

  209. 209

    Diana Foster said:

    Love your mini book. Thanks for your contribution to opening week of the Hero Arts blog. Always love everything you do.

    Diana Foster

  210. 210

    Terry York said:

    Thanks for adding this new addtion to the Hero website! I love all the ideas and access to products! v~Tee

  211. 211

    Sherry said:

    every thing this week has been so awesome….I think my favorite thing this week was the clear card video on Wednesday……I can’t wait to see what is in store for next week and the next week and the next week and so on and so on….Thanks so much to everyone for sharing their great talents with us

  212. 212

    Athena said:

    I absolutely love your blog! I have visited it every day thus far. Thanks so much for the great ideas. I really liked the video and am looking forward to working with white Staz-On and clear cards.

  213. 213

    AJ said:

    I spent the whole evening looking at the Hero Arts website and I must say its full of goodies: ideas, techniques, products, etc. I absolutely love it all. Thank You Ali Edwards for posting this today.

  214. 214

    HeathreP said:

    I am so excited about the new Hero Arts blog! I have been waiting patiently for details on a new contest, for I have wanted another reason to justify buying more Hero Arts products - this is perfect. I can’t wait to start stamping and joining in the fun. Thanks for putting this together!

  215. 215

    Tracy said:

    Your site is very user friendly and easy to navigate. I love what you have done here.!

  216. 216

    Jill Swanson said:

    I Love this site. What a great idea and the topics and projects are so helpful. My question is about stamping on acetate. I have a difficult time getting a consistant image. It seems I have areas on my stamps that seem to be well inked, but there are places that just don’t transfer to the acetate in a clear crisp image. Any help is greatly appreciated. I seem to go through many tries to get an acceptable but not perfect image. I use Stazon ink. Perhaps my stamp choice is the problem . Jill

  217. 217

    amy said:

    Hero Arts stamps have always been a favorite since I began my journey into the world of stamp art 8 years ago with my daughter leading the way and constantly encouraging me. She now lives in New Zealand but has not stopped the contest submittals nor the encouragement. I am always excited to see what new things HA can come up with and love that they now have clear stamps also.
    Keep up the good work.

  218. 218

    shari said:

    Hi Jill,
    I’ll give you my tip for stamping on acetate. First I make sure my ink pad is fresh, if not i re-ink it. When I apply the ink to the stamp, I ink it rubber side up so I can see where I’m adding the ink. Also, when I think I have enough ink on the stamp…I make another round with the ink pad to make sure. Then I stamp.

    If my image is crooked or I slipped, I use Hero’s Ultra Clean spray to clean the image from the acetate and start over.

    Hope that helps!

  219. 219

    Janet said:

    So glad to have this blog! I wasn’t going to enter the bird challenge as I will only get my Hero Arts bird stamps at the end of this week! Then a friend asked me to make a card for a confirmation, and voila! What fun.

  220. 220

    Beverley said:

    I’ve never blogged before, but Hero Arts has been my all time fav site for all my inspiration for years. I’m sure I will get the hang of this blogging lark! Keep up the good work.

  221. 221

    Ruth H. said:

    Thanks for the instructions. I finally figured things out for myself, but should have started here.:)

  222. 222

    Mary said:

    I have always luved your stamps, gems, tags and etc… You just keep getting better and better!Thanks for the info regarding Flickr Group.
    ( I will try to upload a seems easy enough). Your Wednesday feature videos are super! Your sight is truly my favorite!

  223. 223

    wendy i enderle said:

    I would love to know how the winning cards are made. Is there anyway to find out? Also my mom has a passion for owls and now when I send her a card I always include an owl! I only have one but now I will get the others. ( plus the birds!) wendy

  224. 224

    Kathy W said:

    Was just wondering…does anyone know of a good storage idea/solution for clear stamps? Thanks.

  225. 225

    Jeri Aaron said:

    Kathy, I don’t have the perfect storage system for the clear stamps (just an Iris card drawer) BUT I find that the clear stamps are fantastic for packing in your art bag (for traveling). I can pack them in a ziplock bag and fit them into the art bag (which I refer to as my Travlin’ Wilbury) lol. They take up so much less space!!

  226. 226

    linda patti said:

    I’m enjoying the blog and the other parts of the HA site..looks great!
    HA has been my favorite for many years!

  227. 227

    Deborah said:

    I have fell in love with your new Sparkle Clear alphabets. Can you tell me when they will be arriving in the stores? I can’t wait to buy them all. I already have many ideas to use them in scrapbooking and card making.

  228. 228

    Patty said:

    I have never blogged before, so this is new to me. I love cardmaking and scrapbooking and use your products all the time. Hopefully I will get the hang of navigating this website and the fun ideas!

  229. 229

    Lisa C said:

    I can’t believe I haven’t commented to this post before! I thought I had gotten them all. LOL Anyway, thank you, Lisa, for all the updates you do to the FAQs and to the site in general! It must be a lot of work and I know we are all so appreciative. :)

  230. 230

    Janelle said:

    Each time I visit the HA website I’m impressed! I just printed 4 ideas for cards and can’t wait to get starting in my craft room! Keep it coming! I love your products and ideas!

  231. 231

    Patricia Brooks said:

    Awesome ideas, HA is one of my favourtite companies to purchase from! Keep it coming!

  232. 232

    Caryl Leow said:

    We in Singapore are always busy. Today, I took time off to do a little more than browse. Wow! you have quite a community! sort of like a scrap E-village. I enjoy my visit and pick up some good tips from Nancy. Shall drop in more often and not miss out. Love from Singapore!

  233. 233

    Betsy Channell said:

    I love the ideas in Finishing Touches in the June newsletter. Thanks for the great ideas! I can’t wait to try them.

  234. 234

    Lisa V said:

    I have seen clear stamps put in CD cases. I haven’t done this yet, but seemed perfect. It is portable and you can see what you have. I have a friend who put all her clear stamps on a picture frame with colored paper behind it. She hangs this by her work table.

  235. 235

    Dot said:

    I store clear stamps in a BIG photo album with plastic peel back pages. It is 8″ thick and still growing.

  236. 236

    ShopperStamper said:

    I love the idea of 12″ stamps! I don’t stamp in my scrapbooks, but I love the idea of stamping on long envelopes and 5×7″ cards, without having to line things up. Many thanks!!

  237. 237

    Patsy Bocook said:

    I LUV the Hero Arts stamps! I prefer the traditional wood stamps, and HA has a fabulous selections of them. (Occasionally, I use clear stamps, but I’m just “old school”!)

  238. 238

    eli dobrev said:

    Hellooooo……there HA & fans! This is my first blog ever, I’m still learning about computers. I’m not sure why people say it’s faster, I’ve spent 20 hours on the HA web site. For all those who are laughing at me-right back at you, you know you are just as addicted. HA has been a first choice in stamps for years for me. I’m enchanted with the owls as you can tell from my wish list. I’m also trying to understand all HA has going on on this site. I appreciate all HA’s work.
    without wax yours, eli

  239. 239

    Laurie Herman said:

    I’ve always been inspired by the simplicity and beauty of the Hero Arts stamp
    artists. I always return to Hero Arts regardless of how many “other” stamps I
    buy. The combination of whimsical and tastefulness resonates. And now
    the inchies have come to town! Between laundry loads & visiting mom at the rehab center, I’m hoping to allow myself some playtime! Thank YOU for your
    beautiful work. I am so glad that this blog exists!

  240. 240

    Jan Francis said:

    Shari, I loved all the inchie inspiration. But do you have a secret for mounting so that they’re lined up with the same amount of space around each one? HELP!! Jan in Tucson

  241. 241

    Sheree Larsen said:

    I just started buying Hero Arts stamps to make Christmas cards. I buy a new stamp whenever I can and am starting to build a collection. I love the videos! I watched Jennifer M.’s this morning and I can hardly wait to make some bookmark cards. The videos are so helpful. Thank you and please keep them coming!

  242. 242

    Dolores Shirts said:

    Can I download the videos shown in the blog so that I can review them again at a later time when I am ready to make the card that is demonstrated in the video?

  243. 243

    Tammy Ayala said:

    I’m new to this blog and I’m loving it! I just watched the colored pencil video. WOW! I have so many colored pencils and never know what creative ways to use them! I’m going out tomorrow to buy what I need to do this. L-O-V-E it! Great resource this blog……..

    PS: I love the owl stamp. That was my high school mascot, and my husbands, and my kids….. YES!!! We all graduated from the same school, so many years apart! (We don’t get around much, do we) LOL

    Anyway, THANK YOU for having such a great website!

  244. 244

    Julie GM said:

    I’ve been a fan of Jennifer McGuire’s & that’s how I stumbled onto this blog. I LOVE it! So many tips, how-tos, videos, pix of cards/layouts… great work Hero Arts! Now I have to buy ‘more’ stamps to be entered into these contests!


  245. 245

    Gail said:

    I sooooooooooo love the tag card on the July 4th video. I send cards to shut ins and that is such an elegant card to send. I enjoy the blogs for ideas and inspirations. The colored pencil video was great as well. It is so nice to be able to view these techniques!! Thanks and keep them coming!!!!

  246. 246

    Georgia Borg said:

    I loved the colored pencil video! How can I download it so I can keep it close at hand? Your site is so awesome, I’m sure there will be more videos in the future that I will want to include in a Hero video collection! If it’s possible to download, please send directions. Thank you so much!

  247. 247

    Lisa Posar said:

    Colin, loved your art work. Your are very creative and an inspiration to all the other kids. Keep up the great work!

  248. 248

    Shawn Price said:

    very helpful thank you!!

  249. 249

    DOROTHY said:

    Could you please tell where and how much it will cost for me to purchase the hand held corner punch and ‘T’ shaped ruler used by Jennifer McGuire when she was on Video 29 Hero Arts demonstrating how to make a bookmark card.

    I would be very grateful for your help.

    Many thanks,


  250. 250

    krissy kough said:

    Using the acetate card set, I am stamping, filling in the image with a glue pen, and dusting with prisma glitter. Great for flowers or snowflakes!

  251. 251

    Sheree Larsen said:

    I love all of the ideas using those cute little owls! Thanks for the continued inspiration!!

  252. 252

    Irene Talaasen said:

    Not sure if this is where to tell where I get my color inspiration. A fun thing I do is look at clothing people are wearing and notice the colors that are put together there and implement that in cards.
    Your website and the Blog are the best I have ever seen!! Thank you.

  253. 253

    Susan Urch said:

    Holiday card giveaway entry:-

    I love making my own cards as they are personal to you and not available anywhere - one of a kind and not two cards are the same. It is also something you can share with your friends and get together and come up with many different ideas.

  254. 254

    Cindy said:

    Card making gives you endless possibilities and stretch your creativity. Thanks for inspiring me, I made a wedding card that included money gift and was so happy of the end result. I love candle making too and was Wow! i can now mix both passions. THANKS, Keep sharing!

  255. 255

    Sharon Christian said:

    I love all of the ideas that you give me. Stamping gives me a way to show my creativity.

  256. 256

    Bobbie said:

    one can never have enough stamping products..there are so many new ideas out there I just do not know where to start
    you have a Great stampsite..HeroArts products are the tops.

  257. 257

    Linda Campbell said:

    I love to stamp and lately have been very way too busy to make something each week. I was lucky enough to have a new grandaughter in May and find I just never get any cards done. I have high hopes but just never get it done. Making cards is the best part. It is not just a sign it and send it. You put some of yourself into the card. It makes you feel good and it makes the person receiving it feeling great, beacause they know you spend your time and made the card personal.

  258. 258

    Susan said:

    I would like to submit the following comment Re: CARD MAKING:-

    It fun getting together with friends and coming up with many ideas for cards, at present Christmas springs to mind - get an early start.

  259. 259

    Ittima Che said:

    Hi there,
    I live in Australia. Can I still win?

  260. 260

    Michele Timmons said:

    I was so excited to see new cards this year, made with a the Clear designs, Happy Thanksgiving set. I received so many compliments last year on the cards I made from this set. I know several of my friends think, “what will I do with the set after I make a particular card. ” Thanks for giving us fresh ideas for these sets. Smiles, Michele

  261. 261

    Kathy Gessner said:

    Help! I’m looking for ideas on how to store my acrylic stamps. I’ve collected so many and just haven’t come up with a good way to store them where I can see what I have.

  262. 262

    Shirley,Jordan said:

    Love the news letter and all the information you send to us. This is a letter that I look forward each Mo. to getting and can’t hardly wait for it to come each Mo. Keep up the great work etc. sj in Colorado.

  263. 263

    Debra Hojnacki said:

    I’m so thrilled that I found this blog… I was sure missing out. I love making my own cards as I find it more special than a store bought card that anyone can go into the store and buy. It is more personal, and meaningful.

  264. 264

    Debra Hojnacki said:

    I’ve looked at some of the wonderful cards that have been posted, and you are all very talented….

    I absolutely love handmade cards. They are more personal…. Wonderful blog here as well.


  265. 265

    Sheryl said:

    I’m excited about getting more involved with this blog. Thanks for the wonderful contests and ideas.

  266. 266

    Jo said:

    Love the TUT on distressing and resist. Can’t wait to buy supplies and give it a try. I’ve been studying all of the techniques. Good site and lots of useful information. Thanks.

  267. 267

    sari hänninen said:


  268. 268

    Athena Roberts said:

    Now…..all my questions are answered for this new stamper of 6 months!

    Thank you


  269. 269

    Barbara Fendt said:

    Great answers to all my questions, thanks!

  270. 270

    blanche said:

    I am overwhelmed with all these beautiful designs and products .
    I cant wait to try all of them.. i have been making cards for a while but none as creative or as beautiful as these, i have seen at this site.. i hope I can navigate this site to join in this fun.
    is there a mentor around!!!lol

  271. 271

    Carol S said:

    Love your Blog…I always find interesting ideas. Just wish I could access the Flicker group (my company has blocked this site and my home PC is so old that it crashes on downloading of graphics). Can’t wait til the local stamp store brings in all the new stamps.

  272. 272

    Renee McGarry said:

    I just love those “pocket cards”!!! I can’t pick a favorite, as one is cuter than the other! My daughter and I love our Hero Arts stamps and my favorite is the card kit! Thanks.

  273. 273

    Carolyn Ryan said:

    All these designs inspire me so much to try them and Jump right in an TRy them all I love the quilted heart especially! tHANKS for all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  274. 274


    I want to submit a comment about being thankful for this weeks contest.

    I want to thank the girls in my rubberstamp club group for all their nice and encouraging comments on the cards I have created for our projects. Their comments, a few years ago, when I was just beginning to stamp kept me going and helped encourage me learn new techniques. Now I really enjoy my hobby and get a chance to express myself through rubber stamping.

  275. 275

    Phyllis Dennis said:

    I’m wondering how you go about ordering the stamps that say for wish list….

  276. 276

    Dee said:

    Do you have written steps for the card making as well as the videos? Thanks.

  277. 277

    Betty Wilson said:

    I saw a video of a card being made. they traced a flower and cut it out and in the folding it became 3-D. the pattern was from Hero Arts. I can’t find it anywhere. HELP!!!

  278. 278

    Sharon said:

    Just a big thank you for all the wonderful work you do. I was with a stamp company and could not support the sales and had no mentor for the city so it was hard. But you are a fresh spring have been stamping about 8 yrs and have pulled some friends along. Thanks again, God bless

  279. 279

    Tracy Nadel said:

    Do you have to use all Hero Arts products when making a card?

  280. 280

    tami said:

    Hi Tracy! For the weekly challenges we only ask that you use at least one Hero Arts image per submission. Happy stamping! :)

  281. 281

    Diane Standish said:

    I love making cards and I really enjoy getting inspiration from the beautiful projects on your site. I have never entered a contest with any of my creations yet, but I am working up the courage to enter one soon! Thanks for the great ideas

  282. 282

    Julie Halteman said:

    I just wanted to say thank you Hero Arts for making the BEST stamps on the market and as if that isn’t enough, the ideas, inspiration, and techniques found on your blog and website are out of this world! Keep up the great work!

  283. 283

    Julie R. said:

    I am new to blogging, but have been using Hero Arts stamps for quite a while. I have been getting a lot of inspiration on card making and scrapbooking from looking on the website and watching videos. I especially like to watch Lisa Spangler videos and I just love the work of Jenn Beidelman. Thanks so much for having such great products coupled with a great website. I’ll be watching, reading and stamping!!

  284. 284

    Missy Bauman said:

    Fantastic cards this week! Horrah to the designer. Had to print them all!

  285. 285

    Barb said:

    Hero Arts are truly my favorite stamps of all
    The designs just keep getting better and better
    Love the Design Block Dots and Flowers
    Checking the Blog every day starts my day off just right
    More videos please

  286. 286

    Ruby 2 Shoes said:

    I’m so pleased to have found your blog, I love the inspiration. I’d like to add the owl blinky to my blog, but not sure how as I couldn’t see a code to copy. Can you help??

  287. 287

    Verna Friend said:

    You cannot begin to imagine how much this 71-year-old lady enjoys your site. It brings me such pleasure!


  288. 288

    Bettie Matesich said:

    I love Hero Arts! I have so many beautiful stamps from Hero Arts. I love beautiful cards! I don’t do many funny cards. At 85 years young, I love everything beautiful

  289. 289

    Susan Thompson said:

    and it just keeps getting better and better!

  290. 290

    Bloom & Grow : World Autism Awareness Day - Cronache Postmoderne said:

    [...] tips and providing inspiration for all levels of crafters. You may also be interested in their contests and videos. Happy [...]

  291. 291

    Judy Conklin said:

    Hero Arts has been my favorite for the past 9 years of stamping. Your catalog is so full of ideas. Thanks for all the wonderful ideas. Judy Conklin

  292. 292

    Judy Conklin said:

    Hero Arts has been my favorite for the past 9 years of stamping. Your catalog is so full of ideas. Thanks for all the wonderful ideas.

  293. 293

    cher said:

    Well…I really had no idea you had a blog! Shame on me…but that ALLI Edwards knows just about everything ! and she sent me here…TY ALLI! And ty HA..cuz u know I luv your products…I need some funny stamps in my life..gonna go search now….If you have some contests I will try, tho I never win…but ty for the chance. And no clue what a flicker is, but will try to figure that out as well…man I feel old ! tyvm Cher

  294. 294

    Sue Blumberg said:

    I love Hero Arts stamps! I enjoy your website and blog with all the ideas, which gets me all inspired and eager to get busy stamping. Can’t wait to see what’s new each week!

  295. 295

    Terri Scott said:

    I just love coming back and checking to see the new ideas! Such a lovely place to spend a little time (wish I could also spend a little money - but with the economy now?!)

  296. 296

    Carla said:

    Is there a “Capt Cave man Decoder” for the Animal Prints stamp array?

  297. 297

    Elaine said:

    I was at a cardmaking class at the local Archivers, using some cute Hero Arts stamps, and met a lady who says she has won several neat gifts from the Hero Arts website. She told me where and how to get going, and I feel like I’ve discovered a papercrafter’s “Utopia”. I will be back many times.

  298. 298

    MJ said:

    I use to receive your card of the month but I changed my email address and forgot to change it with you. My friend sent me and email about Hero Arts and it reminded me, Hay, I’m not getting my card of the month. So, here I am. I think I like having all of the contests, cards and ideas available to men not just the card of the month. Thanks to my friend for her email, and thanks to you for such wonderful contests and ideas.

  299. 299

    Judy Conklin said:

    I love the Monday card and especially had fun looking at the new catalog. You keep giving me new ideas. Will have to keep Mondays open to have time to learn new ideas from you. Thanks, Judy

  300. 300

    Jan Francis said:

    I check this blog everyday for inspiration and am NEVER disappointed, thanks to all who submit cards and the Hero Artists. “Hi” to my stamping buddy in Tucson, Judy Conklin. Jan ;)

  301. 301

    Betty Wilson said:

    I just LOVE Hero Arts. But I do have a problem. I want ALL the stamps!!! This is getting expensive but I am having sooo much fun!!! Keep on creating more stamps. Thanks, Betty

  302. 302

    holly bott said:

    I just stumbled upon your web site and it is so cute with SO many creative ideas. I look forward to visiting often.

    Holly Bott

  303. 303

    Leta said:


    Can I stamp in white with any brand of white embossing powder and versamark ink? I tried embossing with a pearl white powder but the result was like tone on tone.

    Best wishes

    Leta (Ireland)

  304. 304

    Colleen Hartel said:

    This is one website I really look forward to every day. You have ideas galore plus I get to view so much of the card talent there is out there. I’ve purchased several of the Hero Arts stamps over the years, and because of this website, I have been able to come up with new ideas for using these stamps.

    Thank you,
    Colleen Hartel

  305. 305

    Joan Benoit said:

    I so much look forward to Monday’s when I get my hero arts blog and inspirations of all the artists, new ideas and blogs. Life sometimes is way too busy when working and stamping at night time (mental therapy) and can’t get to all the websites all the time, but on Monday’s especially I will always take time to go threw Hero for inspiration. Keep up the great job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  306. 306

    Alice Wright said:

    I have clicked and placed numerous items on my Wish List. I do not know how to transfer that to my Shopping Cart. I also wanted the newest set featured (Birds and Branches) and could not locate it - other than the example sent this week.
    Thanks, Please help. I love your website.

  307. 307

    Cathe Hayes said:

    I see things in the blog and try to order them but only am able to put it into my wish listing. Can I order the items on my wish list online like I do the rest of your products or do I have to go to a different site to do that?

  308. 308

    Donna Billingsley said:

    I LOVE this site. There are so many great ideas. THANK YOU!!!!!
    I also can’t find any other places to leave comments. Is this the only place?

  309. 309

    Kory said:

    I’m excited to see what the changes will be. I’ve been following this website for years and have always really enjoyed it.

  310. 310

    maria recio said:

    I came upon your website when reading through Jennifer McGuire’s site. I have to say I am so happy I did so. Both of these websites offer so many ideas that it has really motivated me to rediscover my love for paper crafting again! Thanks for all of your suggestions and tutorials!

  311. 311

    Penny Laich said:

    I have recently discovered Heroarts and all your lovely stamps and accessories….and I am thoroughly enjoying them all!!!

    Looking forward to tomorrow, your special day, and MORE good news from your fine company!

  312. 312

    Beverly said:

    I’m excited to hear about your Hero Club and blog…just saw this on AE blog…congratulations on your anniversary!!! Look forward to great stamping and other new ideas.

  313. 313

    Cynthia said:

    I am a “beginner” stamper and am so glad I found the heroarts website. I enjoy watching the step-by-step videos. I have learned quite a bit. Thanks for having such a great website!!

  314. 314

    Rosemary Sharp said:

    Hero Arts is the most informative web-site for stamping that I have run across. I love the products and the samples of cards you have posted. I LOVE your products as well. Thanks for all the wonderful things you have to offer.

  315. 315

    Jackie Hedlund said:

    WOW! This is a great site.

  316. 316

    Sandy MacLain said:

    I love Hero Arts, but now I love it even more. Thanks for the new functionalities on the new website. I can’t wait to go crazy with the new Search function. Thanks for staying updated!

  317. 317

    Betty said:

    Just love the new site and all the challanges

    Idont need an escuse to use my hero art stamps but you’ve just given me more reasons !!

  318. 318

    Jackie, Pearland TX said:

    I really enjoy all the different links you have to your site, love the products, especially love the gallery and all the ideas. Thanks!

  319. 319

    Sandy said:

    I’m impressed with all the changes Hero Arts is making in their website. It has many inspiring ideas. I love all the new products. Keep up the great work.

  320. 320

    Sandy said:

    Awesome new catalog!

  321. 321

    Deirdre Orcelletto said:

    I am loving every minute of your new site! Thank you, thank you!! I get such inspiration from everyone’s contributions. Keep up the good work!

  322. 322

    Joyce said:

    How do I use the wishlist in my account? I can’t seem to be able to add products.

  323. 323

    Cathy Cannon said:

    Wow! I love the new site. I am on it everyday, and love looking at all the creative ideas, videos…everything. I am telling all my stamping friends about Hero Arts.
    Thank you so much

  324. 324

    Irene Nijland said:

    Hero Arts Blog = Always a BIG inspiration


  325. 325

    jane booth said:

    Well, it all started about 10 years ago…I decided to make my own christmas cards…
    I could probably open MY OWN Hero Arts store now…except that I couldn’t part with ANY of my collection-they are some of my dearest possessions!!!

    Hero Arts has always been on the cutting edge-I could never figure out how they could out do themselves year after year - but they have surprised me with every catalog they release…not to mention that their Christmas supplements are to DIE FOR!!! They often have been the only stamp company to offer trendsetting ideas…then everyone else tries to play catch up!

    I can honestly say that they have never disappointed me with the variety they offer-
    Just wish that money grew on trees so that we did not EVER have to pick and chose!

  326. 326

    Linda Lapotka said:

    Hi! Thanks for this. I just asked the questions on the other page and then I found this. Great information.

  327. 327

    kim said:

    I just found your website and it looks great
    Having left scrapbooking a number of years ago I can’t wait to spend more time poking around on here and getting inspired again!

  328. 328

    Lisa I said:

    Thanks for this info, it answered several questions I had, and I was only looking for an answer to one of the questions! :D

  329. 329

    S A said:

    I discovered rubber stamping back in 95′ and Hero Arts has always been one of my fav companies!

  330. 330

    S A said:

    Hmmm, At least it was around that year….:)

  331. 331

    Brenda C said:

    Hero Arts ‘rocks’. Uber talented artists and amazing products. Thanks.

  332. 332

    Juanita Zavala said:

    I was up late last night watching a demo and discovered this link. It’s GREAT! I love your ideas. Thanks.


  333. 333

    Diana Queen said:

    Hero Arts rocks! I’m becoming addicted to the new web site. It’s wonderful…I can get lost here for hours.

    The Hero Arts Flickr group really rocks as well! I have never uploaded pictures of cards for a nicer group of folks….they have the nicest comments and such a group of fun,sweet personalities, too.
    ;D Diana Q.

  334. 334

    Dana Colbourne said:

    Just checking everything out and wow! you have loads of things to inspire here. Not sure on how to start uploading to the Flickr group but sure help will be on its way. Hoping to participate in the Manly Week Contest and to get it uploaded. Not sure who will make the extra card though, my hubby or son. May have to toss a coin on that! Lol!
    Thanks for being here and for giving all of us scrappers a place to be inspired and a place to grow!

  335. 335

    Greta Hess said:

    I’m about to try and join the Flickr group and send a card for the simple Christmas card challenge. I love Hero Arts and have for years. I’ll admit it was easier for me to mail in a card for the “old time” contests, but I’m working on getting more tech proficient! We’ll see if you get my entry. Thanks for all the great ideas!

  336. 336

    Greta Hess said:

    It worked!! I got my card submitted on Flickr. I’m going to enter another card this week. I love using non-traditional colors or images for holiday cards. Thanks for the inspiration, as always!

  337. 337

    Avis said:

    Hello, I just saw a beautiful made by Sally Sherfield. It had a village scene on it and she used paper tearing. I was wondering where she obtained the stamp for the village.
    Thank you.

  338. 338

    Cynthia said:

    This was great information. Thank you.

  339. 339

    Tracey said:

    I’m new to this and this website has inspired me so much, I just don’t know where to start. I love looking at the beutiful cards people have created…Excellent work!

  340. 340

    Patti B. said:

    I love your website and am very excited to all of the new stamps, Hero arts is one of my very favourite stamp companies!!

  341. 341

    Helena Cuttino said:

    Well there is alot to see, this is my first time here I am a big Tim Holtz fan and glad that he mention this blog.
    I cannot wait to explore everything here, and that is just what I am gonna do.
    Thank for sharing

  342. 342

    Donna said:

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE allow blog posts updates via EMAIL!!!

    LOVE your products and this blog is AWESOME and FUN!


  343. 343

    Marie said:

    A question about your monthly challenges,- are we allowed to combine challenges with this contest? Meaning - if I want to make a card to meet the requirements and to enter into both your monthly contest and one or more challenges/contests on other blogs/websites can I do so?

  344. 344

    kelly said:

    Marie…Yes, that’s perfectly fine to combine challenges.

  345. 345

    Pat said:

    I just purchased the stamp “A village” but would like some ideas for it.

  346. 346

    Kathy said:

    How old can the hero arts stamps be to use in contests?Do they have to be current stamps only ??

  347. 347

    tami said:

    Hi Kathy, you’re free to use any and all Hero Arts stamps, regardless of age! Happy stamping! :)

  348. 348

    Liz Garlock said:

    I love love Hero Arts products. Can not say enough great things about them. The new Cling stamps are awesome and how about the new stamping inks just wonderful!

  349. 349

    Shobana said:

    I am new to stamping and the world of blogs. I am totally taken with Hero Arts products. Am yet to own any but my wish list is growing! :) You have won a fan!

  350. 350

    Judy Conklin. said:

    I am new to blogging! A friend told me about your march contest so as a new be I plan to enter. Love your new catalog. That I saw on line. Thanks for all the ideas

  351. 351

    ellie said:

    Can I also become a follower of this blog?

  352. 352

    tami said:

    Hi Ellie! In order to receive automatic updates, we recommend adding our blog’s feed to a blog reader, such as Google Reader. For more information, please see this portion of the FAQ above:

  353. 353

    Alexis Nash said:

    Good Morning,

    I am having a hard time locating card ideas for these specific products:
    Item# CL001: Clear Designs Set-Letter – A
    Item# CL006: Clear Designs Set-Letter – F
    Item# CL007: Clear Designs Set- Letter - G
    Item# CL011: Clear Designs Set- Letter - K
    Item# CL018: Clear Designs Set- Letter - R

    I realize that they are from 2006 unfortunately with my vast collection of stamps I am just getting around to using these. I am making Christmas cards as gift for my children teachers, and will give @ end of week. When I input the product # in search box, there are no results. My goal is locating cards that will provide some idea’s, I have gone to the gallery for the cards , however I am not sure what section they are located under, if they are available @ all? Any assistance regarding this matter would greatly be appreciated, thanks in advance for your time.

  354. 354

    libby said:

    Hi Alexis! I’ve sent you an email with some potential ideas - hope it helps!

  355. 355

    Sandy said:

    I make alot of anniversary cards and would like to see more small verse quotes pertaining to this. Very hard to find anything for this event. These are usually for friends so I don’t want them “too mushy”. Thanks for any help you can provide.

  356. 356

    aecards said:

    Hi there looks like I made a mistake uploading my cards for March2012a. I tried to tag it to March2012a but not sure if my cards made it to Hero Arts pool group because I didn’t send it to groups I think. My username is aecards, was wondering if I did it right..? Thanks in advance for checking and for the help…

  357. 357

    libby said:

    Hi aecards, thank you for playing along with the contest! We can see your cards in the Hero Flickr pool now, and the timestamp confirms that you uploaded on March 15, so you are all set. Keep in mind that the first round entries are also considered during the second round, so you are welcome to add the March2012B tag if you’d like - but they will be consider either way.

  358. 358

    aecards said:

    Thanks Libby! I was able to submit yesterday… so far, I’m getting a lot of positive feedback from the group, everyone is soo friendly. Loving it! :)

  359. 359

    Debbie said:

    I just muddled my way through my first Challenge entry. It’s an interactive birthday card. The images appeared in the Flickr group, but they didn’t appear in the order I had them in the Flickr Organizr, so some of the impact of the surpise at the end is lost. How do I make sure the images stay in order when I use the “Send to Group” link? Thanks very much!

  360. 360

    Ria said:

    In joining the monthly contest, do I need to use at least one HA product in the project or without any of your product is ok?

  361. 361

    tami said:

    Hi Ria,
    Yes, we do ask that you use at least one Hero Arts stamp or Hero Arts digital element on each of your projects. You can find the complete contest rules for June at Happy stamping!

  362. 362

    Herma said:

    from a friend I got an old (2005) HeroArts stamp, S3709 Distressed Spring Background
    and I can’t find the technique to ink the stamp. Background, image and words are
    all included in the stamp.

  363. 363

    Zonnie Ayton said:

    I am thinking about buying a die cut and embossing machine. Which one is the best and most universal? I have a Provo Craft Cricut but would really like to do some embossing.

    Thank you,


  364. 364

    Gail said:

    Is there anyone who has the Three Holiday Messages and willing to sell it?


  365. 365

    Julie said:

    Can I purchase the new catalog?

  366. 366

    Valorie Matthews said:

    I have tried and tried to log in as a member, and it says I have an account, but it will not let me in, and I have tried to change my password, still to no success. I’ve tried to e-mail you but still cannot do that. I was wanting to purchase the Nativity wood stamp that is new this year, but it does not give a prize or no way to order it. Please can someone help me. I have been through the process of logging in about 10 times. Thank You!!!!! :(

  367. 367

    m3m said:

    I am fairly new to card making and enjoy looking at cards made on various sites. There are many wonderful Christmas cards in the Flickr group. Here’s the thing that strikes me about the front of many cards-they have way too much “stuff” on them! Some cards are so busy the beauty of the card is lost. Is the what card making is about- more is better? I actually fell that less is more if you want to make a beautiful card.

    Your thoughts?

  368. 368

    joanie said:

    I am getting back into stamping after ~15 years. I have some old Hero Arts stamps and have been looking for information about keeping the rubber soft and any other information about caring for stamps.

    Thanks for your help.

  369. 369

    Stephanie Sharp said:

    I’m thinking about purchasing a die cutting and embossing machine. I’ve heard about the Sizzix. And Stampin-up’s Big Shot. I have no idea about either one. This year I made 75 Christmas Cards and cut out by hand all the parts. It took a long time as you can imagine. I never thought of buying a machine before because of the added expense of die cuts and embossing folders. Is it worth having such a machine?

  370. 370

    Lisa S. said:

    When will the next sale be at your location in Richmond, CA? Are there any plans?
    Thank-you, Lisa

  371. 371

    tami said:

    Hi Lisa - The Hero Arts Factory Store is now open every Monday and Wednesday, 10am-3pm. The store offers a great selection of overstock and discontinued items, including stamps, ink pads, papers, embellishments and more, all at 50% off retail prices. The address is 1200 Harbour Way South, Richmond CA. We hope to see you soon!

  372. 372 said:

    Very nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wished to say that I’ve truly
    enjoyed surfing around your blog posts. In any case I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I
    hope you write again soon!

  373. 373

    Laura Russell said:

    Where do I find the answers to questions posted by subscribers in the FAQ?

  374. 374

    tami said:

    Hi Laura - These questions are answered either directly in the comments (here) or by email. Is there a question we can answer for you?

  375. 375

    Rebecca Smith said:

    I have been looking for hero arts cling stamp CG172 “Garden Bouquet”. Does anyone know where I might be able to buy one? Thanks!

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