Our Products

Hero Arts is a design company, a family-run manufacturer, and a certified green business. We run a solar-powered and modern energy efficient facility making and distributing premium and original craft and stamping products. You always know that you have an authentic Hero Arts stamp from the Hero Arts logo to the top-quality craftsmanship. Plus, all of our products are 100% guaranteed.

Hero Arts Wood Stamps are made with all natural rubber, stacked on a spongy foam mount for stamping precision, and mounted on a white hardwood maple block that comes from FSC-Certified forests. Hero Arts stamps are the premium stamps in the market. Hero Arts® brand woodblock stamps are made by hand in the U.S. in our Richmond and Oakland facilities in California. Hero Arts Crafts® brand products are made to our exacting standards with the same wood and rubber and assembled in China.

Hero Arts Clear Stamps are made exclusively in the U.S. with photopolymer material. There is no material better for stamping: made to transfer ink from pad to paper, it always clings to your block, and it is designed for easy storage and long life. No clear stamps can match the standards of the U.S.-made Hero Arts clear stamps, which are non-toxic and biodegradable.

Hero Arts Cling stamps are the perfect balance between wood and clear: the premium quality of natural rubber with the convenience and storage benefits of clear. All Hero Arts Clings® stamps come with a crisp index label that clings to your block and shows off with great clarity the stamped image. Clings® are made in the U.S. in our Richmond and Oakland facilities in California. The themed collection of Art of the Card® cling sets and Hero Arts Crafts® branded cling stamps have silk-screen tops instead of label tops and are made to our exacting standards with the same rubber, U.S.-made cling matting, and assembled in China.

The Hero Hues® collection of papers, inks and accessories are designed to coordinate with our stamp lines. Our seven color collections is where stamping begins. Our Hero Arts-branded inks are made in Northern California, as are our embossing power, stamp cleaners and our watercolor papers. Much of our Hero Hues are made by other top-brand companies or by us in the US, Thailand, Japan and China.

Hero Arts is a solar-powered, green-certified, family-run, original American business.