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Registered Trademarks
  • Hero Arts®
  • Poetic Prints®
  • Start Stampin'®
  • Ink 'n' Stamp®
  • Shadow Stamps®
  • Shadow Ink®
  • Stencil Prints®
  • HeroKids®
  • ArtPrints®
  • Little Greetings®

    Product Trademarks
  • Artistic Impressions™
  • Fancy Notes™
  • Inspiration Prints™
  • WishPrints™
  • Special Edition™
  • Collector's Edition™
  • Playful Prints™
  • Tiny Icons™
  • Leaf Impressions™
  • Design Prints™
  • Design Notes™
  • Heart Prints™
  • WordPrint™
  • Just For Kids™
  • Prints On Paper™
  • Stamp Stitches™
  • Letters for Stamping™
  • TwoStamps™

    Other Trademarks
  • Good rubber stamps make good things happen™
  • For a truly personal card, make your own™
  • Original Rubber Stamps for Making Handmake Cards™
  • Where Great Cards Begin™
  • We do it for the love of stamping™
  • Fine stamps for creative people™

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